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Alleghany's Governor Award recipients from the previous 10 years are shown in black and ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for consideration for recognition this year. However, previous winners shown in blue ARE ELIGIBLE.

1996: Lonnie K. Dalton, Amy Douglas, Sophia Gallos, LeAnn Gambill, Carolyn Edwards Shaw, Pamela W. Souther, Mary Wagoner, Dorothy C. Wyatt

1997: Harrol D. Blevens, Jill Delp, Nyla Duncan, Theresea D. Williams, Alleghany County Friends of the Library, Sparta Hometown Revitalization Task Force

1998: Andrew Dylan Edwards, Varan Walker, Rita M. Woodruff, Alleghany High School Beta Club

1999: Mary L. Harless, Ricky Dean Johnson, Jr., Cora T. Neville, Reba C. Smith, Jane P. Taylor, Alleghany Memorial Hospital Foundation

2000: Greg L. East, A. Anderson Huber, Dick and Nancy Moore, Cleo Hal Reeves, Shaw Family (Britt, Lisa, Beth & Brandy), Charlotte B. Spicer, Carolyn G. Sprinkle, Eva Whitaker, Alleghany Planning Committee

2001: Mildred Ashley, Tom Atwood, Ida Colette, Molly Leinbach, Bessie J. Royal

2002: Aaronita Alford, Dottie Dorsett, Steven A. Hayes, Clifford C. Phillips, Sparta Revitalization Committee

2003: Margaret Crouse, William Mack Johnson, Ernest Joines, Gill Thadani

2004: Books 'n Friends Book Store, Sandy Carter Herndon, Odell Crouse, Tamarah Nichols

2005: Thomas B. Burleson, Charity Stellena Caudill, Ted Dorsett, Patricia A. Polley, Mary Ruth Setzer

2006: Bonnie Vaughan (also awarded a Medallion Award by the state), Sara McMillan, Virginia Setzer, Betty Walker, Disa Wishon

2007: Alleghany CARES Volunteer Staff (also awarded a Medallion Award by the state), Alleghany Ministerium/Solid Rock Food Closet, Alice Keighton, Walt McMillan, Victoria Hall

2008: Larry Prince (also awareded a Medallion Award by the state), Marie B. Pruitt, Agnes Joines, Cecil Brooks, DANA Advocates

2009: Mildred Torney, Joseph C. Jones, Jr., Evelyn Hash, Donald “D.W.” Miles Sr., Anita Vannoy

2010: AMH Thrift Shop Volunteer, Walt Green, Lawrence McClintick, The Partners (Group from Solid Rock Food Closet), Delta Peterson.

No nominations were made in 2011 and 2012

2013: Edmund I. Adams (also awarded a Medalion Award by the State), Kenneth E. Richardson, Elizabeth B.J. Edwards, Diane Church, and Don Call.

2014: Ernest Joines (also awarded a Medallion Award by the state), and John Ulus Irwin

2015: Joyce Speas (also awarded a Medallion Award by the governor) and David Higgins

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