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Find a special giftThe Alleghany County Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for the 2016 North Carolina Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service. Organizations and individuals may submit nominations for volunteer service and nominations for a paid director of volunteers. Completed nomination forms are due at the Chamber office no later than 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, 2015 (hard copies, please. No electronic submissions accepted). After regular business hours, they may be placed in the mail receptacle to the left of the front door. Or they may be mailed to: Alleghany Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1237, Sparta, NC 28675. Nominations postmarked after Dec. 4, 2015, are subject to rejection.

All nominees will be recognized at a local program later this fall. Ten volunteers and a director of volunteers (if nominated) will be submitted for Governor’s Volunteer Service Awards. Those submissions will be eligible to complete for one of 20 Medallion Awards presented later in a statewide presentation.

“This is a great way to show appreciation to volunteers for the time they give,” Ashley Weaver, Chamber director, said. “If you know of someone or a group who has not received recognition for service to the community, I encourage you to consider submitting a nomination, but please read the guidelines for nominees, because they a somewhat different from previous years.” Agencies, churches, fire departments — any organization that depends upon volunteers — is encouraged to submit nominations. Individuals can also submit nomination of someone they know who deserves recognition.

Hard copies of nomination forms, nomination guidelines and tips for writing an effective nomination are available at the Alleghany Chamber of Commerce, 58 South Main St., Sparta, NC. They may also be downloaded at the links at the top of this page.


1. Previous Governor's Award recipients from within the past 10 years are ineligible. Click here for a list of past recipients.

2. Nominees must have been engaged in volunteer activities for a minimum of one year in North Carolina and benefited a community/communities in the state in a substantial, important or unique way.

3. Students receiving course credits for their volunteer activities are ineligible unless the nomination is based on volunteer service that extends beyond the course requirements, in which case it must be clearly indicated in the nomination statement.

4. National Service volunteers must be nominated for service above and beyond that which is requried of them in their national service program.

5. Nominees in volunteer service categories are ineligible if they receive compensation for their service.

6. Director of Volunteers who receive compensation must be nominated in the non-volunteer service category.

7. Nomination cannot be based upon court-mandated community service.

8. Nomination cannot be based upon serving as a “loaned executive.”

9. Self-nominations are not allowable.

10. Family members may not nominate another family member for an award.

11. Group/team and corporate volunteerism nominations must be made by those external to the group/team or corporation/business.

12. Nomination submission requirements must be met.

1. All nominations must be submitted on the 2015 Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service nomination form.

2. The nomination form consists of six sections and three supplemental pages. ALL REQUIRED SECTIONS OF THE NOMINATION FORM MUST BE COMPLETED.


4. HANDWRITTEN FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Forms must be typed (11-point font or larger).

5. Two references are REQUIRED for each nomination.

6. Supporting documentation (photographs, news articles, etc.) for nominations will not be accepted; award selection will be based solely on information provided on nomination forms.

7. The deadline for submission is Friday, Dec. 4, 2015. Submissions should be made to the office of the Alleghany Chamber of Commerce, 58 South Main Street, Sparta, NC 28675. After office hours they may be left in the mail drop to the left of the front door. They may also be mailed to P.O. Box 1237, Sparta, NC 28675. The Chamber reserves the right to reject any nomination not submitted by Dec. 6 or if mailed to the Chamber, not postmarked by Dec. 4, 2015.

• Award selections are based on the nominee’s volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, community impact and enhancement of the lives of others, as described on the nomination form.

• Nominations are received and evaluated at the county level. The county may submit up to ten nominations for the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award to the Commission to be considered for the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award. One of the nominees may be recommended as a candidate for the Medallion Award, the state’s highest level of volunteer recognition. The county may also recommend one non-volunteer (paid) Director of Volunteers to be considered for a Medallion Award.

• The Commission will select award recipients based on merit and eligibility. Recipients are selected without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, or physical/mental disability.

• Nominations for the Governor’s Medallion Award are reviewed and evaluated by a statewide review panel that determines the recipients of the award. The award is given to the state’s top 20 volunteers and one paid Director of Volunteers.

Questions: Call 336-372-5473.

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