Chamber Showcase

Episodes of Chamber Showcase are currently not in production.
If you want to discuss having your business featured on Chamber Showcase, please call 336-372-5473.

Chamber Showcase is an exciting program to get the word out about local businesses and services. The videographer from ACTV (Alleghany Community Television) will follow Chrystyne Murphy, Executive Director of the Chamber, to locations to show firsthand what that business has to offer. The resulting 30-minute program will be broadcast on ACTV. ACTV is aired on Channel 98 on Alleghany Cablevision in Sparta and Alleghany County; Channel 21 on Skybest TV in Alleghany, Ashe, Watauga and Avery counties in North Carolina and Johnson City, Tennessee; Channel 15 on Surry TV in Surry County and Channel 14 on Wilkes Telecommunications in Wilkes County.

You have the potential to reach over 20,000 viewers. It will be aired in a minumum of four scheduled times a week for an entire month.

There are two ways for local business and organizations to participate:

FEATURED BUSINESS: As a featured business, your approximately 5-minute showcase will highlight the products and services you have to offer. The show containing your Showcase will receive a minimum of 17 airings the month it airs. Showcases will be archived on Vimeo. The video of your portion of the Showcase will be given to you on DVD to place on your website, Facebook page, or wherever you so please.

SHOWCASE SPONSOR: As a sponsor of the Chamber Showcase, your name and tagline are featured at the beginning and end of each showcase for a full quarter, or a minimum of 51 airings. Your sponsorship will also be featured on the clips that are distributed to each of the fifteen businesses showcased within the quarter and as such will be a permanent part of that clip when it is shown on Vimeo, on their website and/or on Facebook. The number of views are virtually infinite.

View recent Showcase episodes on the Alleghany Community Television Channel.

If you want to discuss having your business featured on Chamber Showcase, please call 336-372-5473.

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